Are you interested in being part of our breeding program?  We do several things see below:

1.  We breed our own adults and all our adults and puppies are raised inside our clean loving home, sleep in our beds ;) and given lots of tlc and socialization (we use only pure bred parents).

2.  We work with a few very trusted family and friend breeders that we have known for many many years (we have been breeding for over seventeen years and have made many friends that also have this passion).  When their puppies are 8 weeks we go and pick them up and bring them to our home and put them up for adoption as well.  We are the only one with a web site and just LOVE the puppy stage so this works well for all of us. 

3.  We will work with previous customers whom have purchased a female/male from us and want to breed their female/male. We do allow this as long as the family does it our way.  The adults and puppies have to be raised inside their home and follow our guidelines so that we can assure you are getting a healthy pet raised with the utmost care. We warranty all our puppies for one full year whether they are our breeding or some one elses,  therefore we need to make sure they are following our routine.  

This allows us to bring a variety of non-shedding breeds to you (we specialize in the non-shedding breeds to help people with allergies), while giving the love to the dogs/puppies they deserve.  LETS HELP THE FIGHT AGAINST PUPPY MILLS.  NO PUPPY MILLS OR BACKYARD BREEDERS ALLOWED!!!

If you think you are interested in being a part of our breeding program, please give us a call and we can talk in detail.  If you do qualify, we will do home checks and ask you to sign a contract.  You MUST not work fulltime outside the home and you must be within a 2-3 hour radius from our home.

For the Love of the Dog "His Creatures",
Heather and Nick Morgan