How do our deposits work?

We have been breeding for 18 years.  Therefore, we have quite a large following and a lot of referrals or second/third time purchasers of our puppies. We TRULY love our dogs/puppies and therefore believe people will see the difference that makes. 

We NEVER show our puppies or take pictures until the pups have had two series of shots, are eight weeks old and have been to their eight week Vet check-up.  We believe this gives the puppies a great head start to life, minimizing health issues for them and you. (We used to volunteer for the Humane Society and have seen much heartache when puppies are visited too early - we have seen whole litters loose their lives because of doing so.)

Any litter of puppies that we have born will be listed on our "New Puppies Available Soon" page of our web site. Those dates are the dates the puppies will be at least eight weeks old and our goal date we think the puppies will be ready to go to new homes. Sometimes the puppies need a little more time with their families. We also like the puppies to be eating only hard food before they go to their new forever homes. Therefore, that date is an approximate date and may change closer to the time they are ready to go to new homes.  

Several years ago we had many customers ask us to give deposits to hold a spot in the litter so that they are assured a puppy from us.  A few years ago we agreed to start allowing people to give us a deposit before we show the puppies.  We DO NOT ASK YOU TO DO THAT, we simply allow you to do so.

The deposits are not for a specific puppy.  The deposit is for First Pick Of The Litter, Second Pick Of The Litter and so on and so on.

We take deposits in the order they are received. First Pick of the Litter is first deposit received and so on and so on.  

The people that put down a deposit for First Pick Of The Litter is sent pictures privately, before we post them on the web site and after the puppies have been to the Vet at eight weeks.  They also come to our home to view the puppies and pick out their puppy before anyone else does after the puppies have been to their eight week check-up. 

The Second Pick Of The Litter is sent pictures privately and views the puppies Second (after the puppies are eight weeks old) and so on and so on. 

Once the people with deposits have chosen their puppy(ies) then I post the pictures on the web site and anyone is welcome to come visit.

The deposits are non refundable as we take that spot out and some people only want to be First, Second or Third pick of the litter.  However, the deposits are transferable to any breed/litter/male/female and does not expire.  Therefore you never loose your money. If perhaps, though it usually does not happen ;), you find you are not happy with any of the puppies in that specific litter, the deposit is moved to any other litter/breed/male/female of your choosing. 

We hope this was helpful, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime! For the LOVE of the dog,

May you see God in your day!
The Morgans